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3D Pre-Visualization


3D Pre-Visualization is a combination of Integrated Project Delivery (I.P.D.), Building Information Modeling (B.I.M.), and Photo-Realistic Renderings to create and build a physical building.

Integrated Project Delivery (I.P.D.)
This is the collaboration of all trades involved in the project; client, Architect, Designer, Engineer(s), Contractor(s), and Consultant(s). These persons all work together and are involved from the beginning of the project; discussing, commenting, and sharing ideas to make better decisions on the design of the project. In other words, all parties involve work as one entity.

Building Information Modeling (B.I.M.)
It is a 3D model created by means of parametric software that in the end creates information that is extrapolated from the 3D model to distribute to all stake holders in the project. All design, planning, programming, construction documents, construction administration, and physical construction will be done via the 3D model. All other information from the trades involved can be linked to the 3D model which then can be distributed, commented, and discussed by all stake holders. This streamlines the process, saving time and money.

Photo-Realistic Renderings
Created from the Building Information Model (B.I.M.), it shows the client and all stake holders involved the design intent that has being created up to that point. It helps in communicating the colors, materials, mood, siting, lighting, etc. in mind; therefore, very low loss of translation and understanding occurs.

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